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you may think that i’m talking foolish
you’ve heard that i’m wild and i’m free
you may wonder how i can promis you now
the love that i feel for you always will be

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i had no choice but to hear you
you stated your case time and again
i thought about it

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hold on, one more time with feeling
try it again; breathing’s just a rhythm
say it in your mind until you know that the words are right
this is why we fight

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i’ve been driving for an hour
just talking to the rain
you say i’ve been driving you crazy
and it’s keeping you away

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put on my best dress, i wanted to impress
i put a little makeup on, put a bow in my hair
wore pretty underwear hoping you might take it off

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tough girl
in the fast lane
no time for love
no time for hate

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this is a bullet from a gun called what the fuck
if i was standing in your shoes i’d throw my hands straight up
and start explaining at the speed of light, not sound
how the words get some coffee came to mean get down

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party girls don’t get hurt
can’t feel anything, when will I learn
i push it down, push it down

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chances are you’ll find me somewhere on the road tonight
seems i always end up driving by
ever since i met you it just seems you’re on my way
all the rules of logic don’t apply

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made a wrong turn once or twice
dug my way out, blood and fire
bad decisions, that’s all right
welcome to my silly life

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thought i knew you well
thought i had read the sky
thought i had read the change in your eyes

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i don’t drink coffee, i drink tea my dear
i like my toast done on one side
and you hear it in my accent when i talk
i’m an englishman in new york

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you are the sunshine of my life
that’s why i’ll always be around
you are the apple of my eye
forever you’ll stay in my heart